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The Endowment Fund of the
Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP)

The endowment program of the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems was created on May 5, 2000.  The program was established to create a perpetual fund
to assist in fulfilling the mission of MICAP.

In this brochure we provide a brief overview of the opportunities for giving, over and above a donor's regular gifts to MICAP, and the resulting benefits.

Endowment funds are administered by the West Michigan Foundation of the United Methodist Church with local administration the responsibility of a three member committee.

The Committee meets at least twice annually, and other times as necessary, to administer funds in accordance with both the endowment policy and donor wishes.  Committee members serve three-year terms and work confidentially and inconspicuously in the conduct of their duties.

To maintain the integrity of the General Endowment Fund, 15% of the income earned annually is reinvested in the fund with the remaining income used for MICAP projects.

In the case of designated funds, the amount reinvested depends on the wishes of the donor.

A gift to the Endowment Fund of the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems represents a lasting statement about a donor and his or her values in perpetuating the mission of MICAP.

Contributions to the fund are subject to Committee review and acceptance.  This gives donors the knowledge that their gifts are administered in accordance with their wishes and Christian beliefs.

Contributions may be gifts or bequests of:

$ Cash
$ Certificates of Deposit
$ Real Estate
$ Stocks
$ Bonds
$ Life Insurance
$ Personal Property

The Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems is an IRC 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

Consider making a lasting gift that will extend your influences and make a statement of your faith.  This occurs with your gift or bequest to the Endowment Fund of the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP).

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration in 2005, MICAP produced a 30-minute DVD that traces alcohol problems from Biblical times to the 21st Century, documenting the role the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems has played in addressing these issues through the years and the unique challenges we face in the New Millennium.  All of those interested in investing in the MICAP Endowment Fund will want to see this film.  Drop us a line or give us a call to make arrangements for your personal showing.



412 N. Walnut, Lansing, Michigan  48933
Phone:  (517) 708-2986; E-mail: info@MICAP.org