February (Click to View)

  • Has Your Doctor Asked You About Your Drinking Habits?
  • The Case for a $0.05-cent per 12 oz. Bottle/Can/Glass Beer Tax Hike

April (Click to View)

  • One Man’s Recovery
  • Alcohol and Diabetes
  • Another Reason for Teens to Avoid Substance Abuse
  • Prom Season

June (Click to View)

  • More on “One Man’s Recovery” from April issue about a useful Website
  • Lansing’s Hope Sports Complex Knows “It’s Hard to Refuse to Say Yes to Beverage Alcohol
  • News from Around Michigan

August (Click to View)

  • Almost 3,000 Michigan Deaths Annually Are Attributed to Alcohol
  • News Around Michigan
  • Can Powdered Alcohol Be a Pal?
  • Alcohol and Atrial Fibrillation

October (Click to View)

  • Addiction, Depression and Recovery
  • Our Case for Managed Control (Temperance)

December (Click to View)

  • Celebrating Successes & Partnerships (Courageous Persuaders Competition Scholarship Program)
  • MCRUD Recognizes Leaders of Underage Drinking Prevention
  • Midwest Alcohol Policy Summit Was a Huge Success!