February (Click to View)

  • Alcohol Problems Remain Major Issues: The Latest Research and Statistics
  • Binge Drinking: A College Phenomena, and More

April (Click to View)

  • Early Alcohol Use and Addiction: Information for Parents
  • Public Policy Alerts for MICAP Members
  • Alcohol and Medicine: Many of Us Are at Greater Risk than We Know

June (Click to View)

  • Recommendations for Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use
  • Michigan Local and Statewide Alcohol Data Sources
  • Study: Binge Drinking on the Rise Locally (Greatest change is among women)

September (Click to View)

  • Know! To Discuss the Link Between Alcohol and Sexual Assault
  • Updates from Some of MICAP’s Partners
  • Know! Alcohol’s Female Effect

October (Click to View)

  • Understanding the Relationship between Alcohol and Crime
  • Alcohol and Your Health: Recent Research in the News
  • Please Consider a Year End Donation to MICAP

December (Click to View)

  • Alcohol, Cancer & SBIRT Clinical Training
  • A MICAP Success Story (The Road to Banning Powdered Alcohol in Michigan)