February (Click to View)

  • As You Prepare Your Tax Returns for 2016, This Will Remind You of the High Cost of Binge Drinking in Michigan

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  • Why I Serve on the MICAP Board! How Might You Best Serve MICAP?
  • Unite to Face Addiction Michigan 2nd Annual Rally & Advocacy Day

June (Click to View)

  • Could Michigan Save Lives by Lowering the BAC Limit to .05%?
  • Drinking Guidelines: Let’s Help Spread the Word

August (Click to View)

  • The ½ Mile Rule – What is it and Why You Should Care
  • Study Details Possible Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Treatment

October (Click to View)

  • Alcohol Problems Are More Serious Than Previously Thought, and Getting Worse
  • Have You Heard of J.A.D.E.?

November (Click to View)

  • What Will Your Legacy Be? Consider Extending Your Influence
  • The Failure and Promise of Limiting B/A Advertising