February (Click to View)

  • Alcohol and Cancer Risk
  • Negative Consequences if HB 4213 is Enacted into Law
  • Does drinking alone impact college students differently than social drinking?

May (Click to View)

  • Lowering the Blood Alcohol Concentration Limit to .05% in the US: Potential Impacts on Drivers, Stakeholders, and Alcohol-Related-Crash Injury
  • What is Alcohol Vaping and Is It Safe?
  • Reducing Alcohol Intake Lowers Risk of Irregular Heartbeats*

August (Click to View)

  • Challenges for Alcohol Drinkers During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Cocktails, COVID, and Alcohol - Not a Good Mix
  • Drunk Walking: Alcohol's Myopic Transformation of the Brain

November (Click to View)

  • New Alcohol Recommendations, Increasing Use in the Pandemic, Latest Studies
  • The Rise in Excessive Alcohol Consumption and What We Can Do About It